Account / Billing

Account / Billing


This article will introduce you to our Account & Billing Policy.
This article will cover a majority of what our Trade Tracker is designed to do by default, but we provide links to more in-depth information regarding certain functionality and tools.

Account Information

Managing Your Account Information

For the most part, you can easily edit your personal account information via your Investor Profile. For any additional information that may be required such as KYC Verification Documentation, Required Company Documentation for our Partner Program will be requested on a per-account basis. All requests for information will be provided with notification via email ( and completed within the MyMI Wallet Dashboard. Any documentation requested from any other communication could be potential for fraud and spam. Please disregard if this were ever to be the case.

MyMI Partnerships

What is a MyMI Partner?

We developed MyMI Partnerships to allow Individuals and Businesses to have the ability to access our Investment Accounting, Analytical, and Exchange resources. As we were developing the MyMI Partnerships, we envisioned providing individuals and businesses alike, the ability to access the resources that we're developing and utilize those resources in their daily activities. Whether it's selling merchandise on a website as an individual or expanding a business into new markets, Millennial Investments aimed to become a resource in all facets.

By considering those possibilities, we developed, we developed the MyMI Partnership Program. The MyMI Partnership Program was designed and continues to be developed to assist all use-cases in terms of financial investments, shared assets/revenue projects, and more. Now all members have access to liquidity and financial backing like never before.

To learn more details about our MyMI Partnerships, visit the link below:

Registering/Upgrading to a Partner Membership

To get started, if you're new to MyMI Wallet, you simply complete a MyMI Partnership Application (by clicking here!). If you're an existing member, you can simply upgrade your membership by visiting My Subscriptions under My Account.

If you are a new/existing customer, you can begin your MyMI Partnership today by visiting the link below:

Partnership Requirements

Individual KYC Requirements

At a minimum, we are required to obtain your Full Name, Date of Birth, Address, and Federal Certified Identification Number for our Basic Customer Identification Program. If you ever wish to create MyMI Assets, you will be required to upgrade to our Partnership Program and abide by our Partnership Enhanced Customer Due Diligence and review processes.

Corporate KYC Requirements

Our Corporate KYC Requirements are more enhanced and require intensive Customer Due Diligence Analyses. Some of the documentation required for our Partnership Program and Corporate KYC include (but aren't limited to):

Periodic Due Diligence Reporting

As our duties to provide a safe and secure marketplace and exchange of Digital Assets and/or Cryptocurrencies, we conduct Periodic Due Diligence Analyses to ensure compliance is met in every faucet of our Partnerships in the MyMI Community.

More Details about our Partnership Program

To get more information on our MyMI Partnership Program, please visit the links below for more details:

KYC Verification

Getting Started with KYC Verification

After you register your account, you will receive an email with a verification code to confirm you are the user of the email assigned to the account. Alongside our Email Registration Verification, we also conduct KYC Verification for our Investors to improve security for the application and platforms we expect to deliver to the Markets.

Once you have completed our KYC Verification Process, you will be granted full access to the resources and tools MyMI Wallet has to offer as long as you comply with our Terms & Agreements.

More Information on our KYC Verification

To learn more about our KYC Verification Process, simply visit the link below:

Billing & Payment

MyMI Referral Program

Get Started Today!

To get started, you simply need to complete a Referral Program Application by visiting the link below!

Requirements for applying to our Investor Referral Program, members will need an existing membership already created and activated with MyMI Wallet. Along with owning a MyMI Investor Membership, members will be required to complete our KYC Verification Process to gain access to our High-Tier Premium Solutions and our Terms & Conditions.

More Information on MyMI Referrals

To learn more about our MyMI Referral Program, simply visit the link below:

Billing & Payment Schedule

Premium Features are purchased on a Month-to-Month Basis (a recurring cost) and what our members are required to pay every month is determined by the Premium Features activated on their account, along with the Total Number of each Premium Feature(s) the member has purchased.
Invoicing for all Premium Features is conducted on the 14th of every month and automatic payments are set up to obtain funds to cover the cost of those Premium Features on the 15th of every month. The allocation of funds will first check the MyMI Gold Balance of a member's account first and retrieve the required amount of funds in MyMI Gold first. If the user doesn't have enough to cover the cost of their Monthly Recurring Premium Feature Costs, the member will be notified to purchase additional MyMI Gold to cover that expense.

Payment History

You can review your Payment History by visiting your Investor Profile and selecting the Billing / Payment tab to view and manage your billing and payment history.