Integrating Wallets


This article will introduce you to our Wallet Integration How-To & Extended Guidance.
This article will cover a majority of what our Wallet Integrations include, but may need to provide more in-depth information regarding certain subject matters.

What is a Wallet?

What are Crypto Wallets?

To most, a Crypto Wallet allows the user to store private keys to keep your crypto safe and accessible while allowing the user to send, receive, and even spend crypto. MyMI Wallets provide that same capability, but are essentially extended further than your typical "crypto wallet". MyMI Wallets give you the ability to also Create/Sell your Crypto Assets, including Investment Accounting & Analytical Resources, and more!

How Do MyMI Wallets Work?

MyMI Wallets were designed to be a flexible wallet that accepts both Fiat & Cryptocurrency while giving you more control of how you utilize MyMI Wallet and what you do with your wallet. When you purchase Assets on our MyMI Exchange, these Assets will be secured in your MyMI Wallet. Whenever you create Assets to be placed on the Exchange, you will be given a designated wallet to secure those assets in a dedicated wallet for protection in case you ever lose your Private/Public Keys to one of your MyMI Wallets.

Manually Tracking Investments
Premium Brokerage Integrations

MyMI Wallets also come with a Premium Brokerage Integration Feature that allows our Investors to connect their financial investment accounts. This is where the magic happens!

With our Premium Brokerage Integration, you gain the ability to access our Deep Analytical Resources & Tools to apply Backtesting/Forecasting to your current portfolio and historic data. To read more on our Premium Brokerage Integration, simply click the link below:

By compiling all of your financial investment analytics and data, you gain the ability to access our Auctionable Assets Exchange and profit from simply sharing your data. Read more below!

Resources & Tools

Gain access to our Resources and Tools at MyMI Wallet to help optimize your tragedy strategy and improve your long-term wealth growth. Investors can utilize our Accounting & Analytical Solutions to understand where they're losing and optimize their likeliness to invest and win even more.

MyMI Asset Creator

With our MyMI Asset Creator, Investors gain the ability to create their investment projects and pools tailored to whatever use-case they could imagine. You can auction/sell your investment data direct to business by utilizing our MyMI Exchange & Marketplace.

With the MyMI Exchange/Marketplace, Investors gain the ability to profit from their financial and investment data. Big Box Companies are constantly polling your user data every second of the day, as long as anything you do is online. At MyMI Wallet, we feel that you should take advantage of the value of your data by allowing Investors to opt into our Auctionable Assets.